The one-liners, I can see, would make the whole screen scream for Antonio Banderas, I know I would.

The director Robert Rodriguiz cannot get my attention enough. And I love it. The entire filmography of his tickles my brain. What? Why? And how? First of all, his commercialized version of a film is pretty close to the art form he wishes to speak. Now, this is my window in. I love these aspects of his films. The Tarantino alike- it is not a surprise since they have collaborated with each other plenty of time over the years- stories or call it a monologue that these guys share is the way to hook you in. So why not go through it. Now take Tarantino’s films for instance. These stories, fables, tid bits is what we call the crisp, the entertainment part of the film.

Just as the violence, the action in the film is. What then Tarantino does with the rest of the time, is ground these parties, the enjoyment, the weekend of the film with is proper heavy and profound themes with a new take and perspective. Now, this is where Robert falls short. His film, if not rummaging around the jokes and the action, will simply color the film and the characters with incredibly filmy or more expressively lofty substances.

Not even substances but scenarios. These scenes that he wishes to project doesn’t only feel forced but also questionable. The choices that these stereotypical one dimensional characters make, is something wrongly unfathomable. And to add more trouble Robert too isn’t balancing the laws that he establishes. Take the last act of Desperado. One where our protagonist after a battle that he fought with a half-grin plastered across his face, now is told to draw out empathy as a character that he is emotionally connected is hospitalized. I still don’t understand the existence of that last piece and certainly not the way it is projected.

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