Ry-Ry and Jakey-Jakes reporting for duty. They shouldn’t have.

Daniel Espinosa, the director has a pretty simple pop culture vocab. It ought to suck the viewers in and leave none the wiser. The simple beings will whirl merrily around the cheap thrills and the smarter ones exhausted and also mildly depressed by the “entertainment” clause that the film misinterprets. And what I was disappointed the most was from the fact that the film is incredibly effortful. And I don’t mean just the practical shooting of the zero gravity scenes- which actually is all of them- and the poorly painted visual effects. But I am pointing towards the script. A script that tries so hard to not be “this” or “that” film, ends up being like no film at all. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

From the casting decisions to horrifying elements, each of them or those are staged in a way to impress by disproving your theory or expectations. By the way, there is nothing wrong with that. But considering this as a meaningful advancement in the storytelling and relying upon it that the audience will feed on it, easily. There’s everything wrong with that. Life becomes difficult to define. Not to forget that there isn’t any profound poetry behind that.

But it neither remains a survival job nor a chess game. Not nearly a suicidal mission and certainly not an act of sacrifice. We are given a brief period, a brief set piece, a brief number of characters and horribly brief encounters of death or tragedy. So maybe the genre “horror” fits in perfectly. Not for the audience, but the makers and the film and the Life itself. P.S. It is really difficult to not break the fourth wall, knowing that these two geniuses- Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal- were goofballing around the set. Maybe they should have just shown us those footages.

Posted by:Arth

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