More or less, there isn’t any particular reason for it to work and not work. Here we are, after glorious decades ago. The impact of the show is magical.

Glen and Les Charles along with James Burrows created a sitcom that never completely created havoc as it should have. It still baffles me considering the reception it received in cultural world. That is not to say that it doesn’t hold a valuable position. It is just that I would request it to be put up a few places higher. For there is this impeccable emotion passed on throughout this 11 years of journey that seems surreal to even have existed in the first place. And that simple one word note is sweetness. Almost too much. I am sorry but it is impossible for a series or anything to run nothing but on sweetness for 11 years. 11 YEARS.

And yet, against all odds it does and works. I think it is only because the crass humor that they fill their day time- and it has to and does feel like a day time- with is actually motivated with a flirty language. And no matter what age you are or what culture you come from or what taste do you possess. The grammar of a flirting language is always received with a smile. And that is all this series tries to do. Not a laugh, not a tear, it aims for a light hearted experience and it gets the order done. And it is an order done right in correct order.

And by this you can see why there is not a complete acceptance of this world in ours. Too much of something can be intangible. Even hostile to someone. But I think I would persist on looking its crafting of this self-created genre. If it is assumed to be difficult to watch than it is also difficult to form. Cheers has an environment that may not particularly be your cup of coffee or a glass of beer, but what it remains is a weekday delight and not a weekend wild party. The makers knew it, the cast too and it’s time the viewers too.

Posted by:Arth

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