With Love, To Charlie.

Often it is recommended to see the work of Charlie Chaplin with like subtitles- the one that explains the themes and even jokes- and also the subtextual theme that it sings so melodiously. Chaplin is above all, one of the best filmmakers I know of. Maybe, that is because I wish to seek that in him. So I see it. Scooting over the brilliance of choice of his on tiny ticks like body language and the oddly and yet social style that he adopts, let’s focus on the unexplored territory- hopefully! For a guy that defies the basic physics laws, it is extremely mesmerizing to see Chaplin work so logically and convince us in believing in his laws.

This is one of those things that Marvel does much better than DC these days. And that is to know not only the characteristics of that superhero but to enhance it as an element, nay.. even as an antic to swoon its audience. Another thing to note is that it is not always that he finds trouble through his clumsy nature.

His eye for an eye attitude also elevates the flame and you can always see him crossing that line where he loses his grasp over what’s practical and what’s sketchy. And there is always that moment where you can draw the line where he asks for the beating that he is about to take and he has to, if he has to justify these many adventures or more precisely, debacles. What I love about the world Chaplin so confidently projects is the simplicity of it. Coincidence is a character that you will have to get used to just as his odd limping-alike walk, his iconic coat, long hat and a strong thick cane like his mustache- I am sorry, I know I said untouched.

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