Jesse Eisenberg’s comic timing is simply on the mark, you are waiting for him to take charge and you’ll keep waiting.

Riley Stearns gets weird kicks out of awkward situations. Ipso facto, the film. Actually I find this film similar to Scott Cooper’s Out Of The Furnace. Of course, the theme it speaks so enthusiastically and not the platform it chooses. Although, I’d say that despite the way it is endorsed, the film doesn’t just portray the masculinity issues that are in America and in its houses. In that aspect, it is certainly more international. Global. The film fits perfectly into the current wave of change that we have all experienced over the past few years regarding the equality in opportunity and respect.

And the film has a tactile approach to these themes with darker allegory. It is really easy to cross the line between what is funny and what is not. And the writer and director Stearns uses that same logic in every frame of the film. Pulling off one of the most difficult jobs in.. let’s call it, art form. And that is differentiating humor from drama and vice versa and still walk along with them. And as I say, the film does invent a new strategy.

Provides a new solution to deconstruct the system of our society and build a new one. A proper one. And it also repetitively debunks the one that we are still using, to be precise, the other films are. But what Stearns forgets in order to do so, is that inevitably it is deriving the same tactics. All that effort and all that practice, for that same not just the result but the procedure. The montage sequences is something he couldn’t lose his tail from. So we are back to zero when the film ends. And that is really sad. The Art Of Self-Defense is still admirable than those campaign ads, but remember, I’d still have to compare it to what’s commercially motivated.

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