Foster and Hopkins play a long, unbroken set of a tennis match, and they’re on the same team.

Jonathan Demme, the director has always fascinated me. Armed with an incredible plot, he always finds a space for his character to come forth and have their voices heard. His spin on these scripts is why the characters grow iconic both artistically and culturally. Of course, you’d be then imitating Anthony Hopkins over the years. Their perspectives are kept on table with a panache that would make even the most reserved, head turn and eyes pop. And maybe, that is why, for a character that is barely on screen, gets the nod of being the lead actor in a film. The best actor, to be precise. And there have been said plenty about this Hannibal Lecter over the years.

So here, I’d like to focus on Jodie Foster. She is the mother of this case. And I feel this for her persona is just as caring as vulnerably open she is about herself. No matter how much powerful everyone else is, no matter how much authority do others have access to, she is the one, consuming all the energy. Just taking it in. And you are waiting for her to express it. Explode onto someone, something. But she doesn’t give you that pleasure, just as she won’t in front of others.

That’s power. There is something admirable on controlling a scene, a film by being the underrated character. And that is why I love underrated characters, the most. Since the beginning. To say so much, to yell. To be so much, to act. And yet, you steer your emotions inwards. Foster’s both character and performance is a testimony to those days that has led us here. The Silence Of The Lambs is a silence that is going to stay with you for ages, not scaring you but consoling you, for a happy ending.

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