It is exactly like a late night talk show, it is not for everyone, for not everyone can endear the experience, the pain and the laughs.

Todd Phillips is a magnificent beast. Who’d have thought of that. Although I’d definitely mention my theory that still stands tall and strong. If a director can make a comedy classic with proper execution then it can pull off any heist of any genres with his eyes closed. Take either Adam McKay or Peter Farelly and now join the co-writer and director Todd Phillips’s name to that list. Todd’s film is, yes, a recurrent display of what you want from this film. It can also be translated as his fandom of this character over the years, that he has finally brought alive. Either way, whenever the film lands our expectations. Good expectations. The film suffers a lot. The script grows tricky for me, whenever the gaps are filled in with what you and the general perception would perceive and the dots that you know are about to come, and have to be a part of this case until it reaches that crime scene.

The film is only troubling in those senses. Another issue could be argued would be that the film doesn’t clarify or give answers to all the existent and even questionable elements of the film. If it is an origin, then it should answer every corner of the truth. Should it? Should it, really though? For amidst this train of reckless actions, we forget that this is a comic book film. And just as any comic book story, you are told to believe in something and then move forward. Joker is in its truest form, with complete make up, dyed hair and colored suit, then becomes a comic book character. The consequences are to be determined. And not the reasons.

Not the “whys”, but the “what now”. And this is why Joker is much more present than Arthur Fleck. When Fleck is lost, the mobile objects in the wide shots are going further and further away. And when Joker shines, those same objects, those same trains returns back home. Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck never looks for the surrounding or outside the vehicle he is in, for he has nothing, no one to look for. And Phoenix as Joker giddily drools over the catastrophe that his choices casts on Gotham city, a significance of his presence, existence. Joker is almost too aptly titled. For the film doesn’t focus on any other character. You cannot blame that it is an excuse or justification with an emotionally manipulated track. You are empathetic towards him but that is only because he is the only one you have been with. His is the only appeal you have been hearing. The laugh you have been listening. The jokes you have been questioning. It doesn’t matter whether you get it or not.

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