Allen’s intuition has barely gone off track, he is to-the-point, sharp and poetic in his steps.

Allen’s crime drama too is a love story. He just can’t help it. And you cannot hate that about him. It is simply inspirational and adorable. The writer and director Woody Allen is one romantic fellow. He can and does romanticize the idea of murdering someone. That foreplay of God that he imparts on us as wisdom and practicality that zaps you like a lightning bolt, is his version of making sense out of a narration. And no one writes like him. So what if there is a character similar to him, always, running around the screen. No one has produced these many avant-garde ideas so exceptionally and convincingly that his filmography starts calling itself out for a specific taste.

A sense of humor is a second thing, the sense of romance should be your priority when you jump in on his train of thought. There is an incoherent rush through the film. Either accelerated by subtle humor or self-mockery or intense drama or plot moving forward with an incredible pace. Either way, the film keeps you at the edge of your toe, instead of being calm and present. It is present for it thinks a lot.

Each character is told to decide repetitively on the screen. Which makes you, the viewer, understand, empathize and even nod to the decisions they would go for or lead towards. By then, it wouldn’t matter what they choose to do or be. The journey, the pain, the pressure that they make “punish” themselves with redeems their credit points in front of our eyes. It is a story that is far from gangster genre no matter how familiar their action grows. Crimes And Misdemeanors also gets the “close calls” right and like no one. What they do, what he has done, is that he didn’t keep any.

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