Antz is a good film, a good children’s show, I wouldn’t take my kid, but my nephews, sure, hop on.

Dreamworks, looks like, is once again trying desperately to be part of a crowd. They are saying crowd cheering, obvious things. They are late, even by the animation standard. For the storytelling looks like a seen this seen that world that we’ve been a part of. A better one, to be honest. Still, there is a lot to pass your time merrily in this carnival. Easy going world, one dimensional characters and a heroic story. Usually, this comes as a curse. But for a kid’s film- not that this should be an excuse- it comes in handy. Not a lot of films can achieve that standard bar perpetually so easily.

Even that comes off effortful. To make an easy film, is no easy job. The conversation, especially concerning Woody Allen, seems improvisational here. Even in a voice over, he oozes that same fed up New Yorker in his language beautifully. The humor is mostly, as expected, the comparison of their world to ours, the references are slightly changed and we are told to rely upon these jokes.

The world on the other hand is focused a lot on the unity amblem that these films have always carried, along with democracy, war and other major themes carried swiftly by these Antz, something that is 10 times heavier than them. And I would have let go all of it, easily. But what hurts me the most, is the love story. The crux of the film is that. And the makers are so obsessed on other material that we are told to just accept the typical Hollywood lifestyle ending without any question. There is a tear here, an effort there, problems solved, a community saved and a life sacrificed, all somehow summing up the last mark, the unforgettable kiss, that would bring back dead alive.

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