Almost every scene looks like they have prepared it for the award shows, and boy are they a winner.

Kenneth Branagh has been one of the most diverse talents in cinematic history. And I wouldn’t be surprised on how he made to that list. Primary and possibly the only reason being that he is a hard working fellow. So no matter how saucy or avant-garde or simply preposterous an idea is, he has lived up to his expectations that he himself has set fairly above than good films and filmmakers. The excellent ones. And he has. Either tell him to adapt Shakespeare or a historical events, biographies, intense drama, comedies, Disney classics and even comic book films, Branagh is simply inspirational in his vision. His perspective is thunderingly unique.

And this, Hamlet, is the perfect example of it. Just take the first shot of himself, Hamlet. Watch how he introduces this iconic character to its audience. Watch how he puts a cinematic spin to every iconic monologue, plot changes and information revealed. Also what’s surprising the most is how the film against all odds, against the runtime, is ahead of the game that you think you are on.

So all the jibber-jabber plot points that you are aware of is eliminated skillfully. And what’s left is surprisingly low amount of scenes that are long and gripping to the core. And of course, Branagh being aware of the fact, what and how the audience might react and feel to the language that he has kept at the tip of his tongue, even mocks it by including comics like Billy Crystal and Robin Williams. Those conversational arguments that he has brimmed his film with where he fiddles with the words arrogantly, is definitely the highlight. Branagh has also written his film through not character but actor’s perspective. In the sense that each actor is given a range of emotions and an individual stage to stage his performance in this iconic play.

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