The heist isn’t thrilling, the jokes aren’t funny, the drama isn’t moving and the film is long.

I sympathize with Clooney. Especially his films. An actor turned director, George Clooney draws a lot from current generation, my generation directors, which I can see. And hence also regret. Take just the Coen Brothers, for instance. And specifically their projects hovering around their obsession of nailing down the best comic film. That is not to say, in any way that they aren’t good. It’s just that compared to their dramatic ventures, these ones feels outdated and short handed on possibly everything. And Clooney coming from that same field, grows his fruits with those same expectations and instead fails more miserably than they ever do.

Comedy of errors is the genre it is often mentioned under, and error it comes out. And the theory of passing the artistic skills like materialistic possession comes alive in this film like no other. Another fine example is the electrifying resemblance between Clint Eastwood’s The Bridges Of Madison County and Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born. Now, Clooney’s latest exploration resembles eerily with his own collaboration in Steven Soderberg’s Ocean’s Trilogy.

But what it is subtexted- not actually!- is a pretty loud metaphor that they, now that I think- shouldn’t have mentioned to keep it nuanced. Instead to reach a higher level, the film wishes to have Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds like narration. Remember that sweat inducing conversations that marked a whole new scale on the “close call” term. But no one can do it like Tarantino does. Clooney gets a nod from us for his attempts and that is it. The Monuments Men is everything a guy at the stage and state of his career like Clooney, could pull off. And that is good, he and his fellow actors live by the big name they come with, the material though, ironically, lacks art.

Posted by:Arth

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