It is all about meeting someone for the first time, maybe that’s why it is flattering.

Nikolaj Winding Refn is an oddball figure when it comes to his films. There is an incredible amount of love that he has for his films, just as we do. To be honest, I didn’t get the film at first. Neither do I now. I still find it upsetting. Unstable, to be precise. There’s a lot that I don’t get. There’s a lot that I love. The most I love about the film is the space. Never has any filmmaker understood the space between the characters. And not just with other characters, but us too. The car too.

And what better way to shoot an action film then respecting that space, drawing a sound and clear boundary, not pushing but marking it. And remember it is not a punch in or punch out or car chase action, it is in its pure physical action form. It could be a realization that makes you turn, change your path or open your way or move past someone without saying. These charismatic and yet intimate sequences that spirals the most heartwarming friendship between a boy and a girl, is the biggest win for me.

And for a minute there, I thought it is Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan slow dancing in their livelihood. But it is Gosling and anyone for that matter. Even someone shady as Oscar Issac is given a second chance and Bryan Cranston a statutory warning. So it is Gosling both charging this electrifying Hollywood night and a warm sunny morning. The balance is in his hands. And his hands on the wheel. Drive is a much more controlled ride then it is out of control. And still it doesn’t remains to be a safe, recommended one. I find myself wearing two seat belts, for the questionable structure that bounces up and down.

Posted by:Arth

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