The fight against the nature and its commercialisation might as well be a shallow faux pas forward pass, the drama once again, saves the day.

Joon-ho Bong merrily deconstructs the fame of Disney by exploring their own territory, without all the mushy-gushy romance. The result is surprisingly and equally challenging. Usually, when you are diving into a fantasy as such, the product comes out pure only when there is an unflinching promise delivered to every frame, character and element of that storytelling piece. But this project is standing against those theories. And not just for it repetitively grounds the rules with pragmatic structure of the “fire caught in the forest” property that an internet comes of. But also the unexplainable and yet vital change in genres that the films conjures.

This sojourning structure that builds itself up unfortunately strips away the film into tiny snippets, little clips that never ever condones the previous or the latter format that it is bridged with. This alienated way of telling an emotionally driven story could have been only captured to its true essence by an experienced filmmaker as him. That is of course, not to say that he succeeds every time, all the way. But as mentioned it a testament of his skills to pull off an almost impossible heist that has multiple character played by multiple stars as them.

It makes sense now that Jake Gyllenhaal would stay behind the action. The real action already had too much traffic both characters and plot wise. And which also explains why his presence, when entered, in the room, then will be a staggering bolt of thunder, not enlightening but delighting us and destroying the film’s ethical morales. Okja maybe, tries too hard to not be that cliched Beauty And The Beast type of film, it may succeed but it undeniably is an effortful adventure, campaign, mission and expression of love- not between the lead character but the shady political deals.

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