The visual effects isn’t for gathering crowds but is a concern of their own, the storyline, nowadays, that is rare.

So, poor zombies have been through way too much. By now we have seen them basically every way and everywhere- that’s not true. Back then when they started as a witty and witchy horror spectacle to when they were boiled to a mindless harrowing personality to just simply being mindless. Somehow as time travelled, the numerosity became their identity and the only strength they posses. While this is of course not the reality- in a comic con language obviously- there are few spins that has tested well among the audience. Comic being the major one. And then comes this Marc Foster project or more like Brad Pitt project that takes it seriously.

For they have a source, Marx Brooks whose book the film is novelizing has managed to come up with a solution that is not a headshot or a parody. And as far as that “novelization” genre is concerned the film aces on all levels. The character gets enough room to spread their legs and walk as slow and act as they wish to. And that is the only section where this summer blockbuster is different from any other punching bag game show.

And what’s medicinal to the film is the concept itself. What they were endorsing about. Very few times do we get a product that gets the identifying quality of it on the spot. And for that scene- you’ll know which one am I talking about- this war is worth it. Speaking of it, the title is almost too perfectly titled. The zombies were never previously shown so passionately. Their aggression is their hobby and not something that they are slave of. And hence emerges this description of brutal insensitive images that are painted horrifyingly by the CGI artists where they whispers World War Z instead of screaming.

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