Brace yourself for the finale, it is a nail biter, so what if it is rigged.

Linklater has done it again. You’d think that a guy dedicating all his life to drama would repeat itself. I mean that’s natural. It happens. No one does it intentionally. And neither does he. The director Richard Linklater is iterating his iconic night once again in this sports drama. The get out clause that his signature style brings in, is entertainment. Living the current moment. Enjoying it. As much as you can. And this is how Linklater tackles the cliches of the genre. The endgame doesn’t matter anymore. That is not to say that he doesn’t work on a compelling narration.

But now I think he invests willingly more for the distraction that it offers us. And if faking with such authenticity is convincing you, the filmmaking is of supreme quality then that you can only hope for. And Linklater knows that drive like a navigator. He knows all the turns. The ticks. The quick glances. The personification of an object. Everything that you see or you think you see is because Linklater stops time. And there is a half grin on your face with a hint of arrogance that you know where this is going.

Now, this is where, once again, Linklater shows his big heart, generosity, for despite shattering your prediction, he never rubs it out on you. You are not robbed of that opportunity. That joyous moment that you thought you were going to have does come knocking at your door. It is just that it is not in the same face. It is a different face. It is Billy Bob Thornton’s. You are just not looking at him the same way. Bad News Bears isn’t looking at him the same way. Things are not funny nor intense, the light footed environment isn’t just a surprise but a satisfying experience.

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