What they think that made it look not sexy, actually did, they needed a better guidance, that’s all.

Lorene Scafaria, the writer and director, is a hustler. Similar to the film, we, the clients, are robbed shamingly. But what’s interesting is that the film loses at the end of the day. Not even looking at the intentions of the film, the film, as a story, had an extremely solid argument to walk through that Oscars table head held high. And instead the opportunity is not only missed but chucked away for cheap thrills and manipulative emotional blackmail. And this could have been a worthy Oscars contender and is instead just an Oscars contender.

And I emphasize on how big a mistake they made, on going light on this material. What the film industry, in the last few years, had twisted and turned its way out to address the political correctness, is something that the film has in its pocket all along. So now, all they had to do was carve a compelling drama. And instead they are overcooking those same ingredients, that turns into a preaching to the choir tone, within the first act.

The film craves for such moments. If anything it goes all the way around, just to create memorable scenarios, to the price of pacing. And it is not the pace I have an issue with, it is the two page script that is told magnanimously within two hours that I can’t just “whoooooo” around. The film is also hard to watch. Not for the justification it attempts to give its characters but also the justification that it doesn’t give to its characters. And it is not the narrative but the visualization of that crime scene that makes it horrible. For if told properly and rummaged around the files, dug deep into their homework, you will find a sweet spot to explore that would balance these Hustlers.

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