Even when they slow dance after being with the audience for a while, I didn’t see any spark.

The director Gary Marshall, I think, didn’t see this coming. And I know no one presumes the film to perform bad. But there is a certain level of expectations, a ballpark figure, a certain range that it would cover. This is a total disaster. And to be honest I can see what could be the birth of this idiosyncratic idea that it plants so proudly in this farm. But as I have always said an idea isn’t everything. At least we can agree in this show business by now is that no idea is stupid. The depiction of a smart idea done poorly comes off stupid.

And no matter how stupid an idea, if executed carefully, we have seen such films turn classic instantly, take MASH for example- the Donald Sutherland one. But if a stupid idea is project stupidly, it’s a stupid film, in capitals; just as stupid as using this word these many times. Still I’d like to defend the film. And you can only do it with Julia Roberts, its finest asset colored totally lazy in the film. The film’s actual odd and even contradicting nature comes because of her character and still there is a lot to explore there.

That is of course, not to say that the storyline in any manner justifies the decisions of the film. But for a brief period, her character shows us something profoundly mirroring to what our society whips us with religiously. And when that note, which is either rushed on questionably or the makers were not aware of the magnitude of its brilliance, hits the screen there is a comforting realization and surprise in our face that a film of this genre usually does not offer us. Runaway Bride is still a forgettable date movie, I mean I can’t even promisingly say that there is some chemistry.

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