The end of the line, no more circles, no more juggling, this circus show has a speech for its last act.

Tarantino’s second and final volume of this gore-y tape is a profound quest for balance. I cannot emphasize more on how beautifully does this satisfying sequel carries the first one. If you were a bit squeamish in your first time, you will feel safe and more importantly enjoy this time- I’m talking about the film, The Film- with a neater narration in the driver’s seat. Although I’d say that the writer and director Quentin Tarantino seemed a bit insecure about this volume. For he had kept all the cards hidden for this round. And hence, it could grow hefty for the viewers. But then you should never complain for too much substance.

For stylizing all the choreography on the other hand is Uma Thurman. By this half, she has sunken her teeth well enough to scare you. Her underrated performance knocks you down not by those one liners- never by them, in fact- or cool action tricks but sorrow and regret in her eyes, in her revenge when she claims it. That baffling response is surprising and human, tricking us into believing her. The film also covers the training of Thurman’s character which focuses on balancing the emotions.

But I think it is the humble nature, the admiration that these so called “bad guys” have for the protagonist and the situation they find themselves in, is the actual nail in the coffin. Every kill, ever body that Thurman redeems tales something from her and us, and in order to portray that, Tarantino never rushes out the event. The calmness that these characters hold amidst the swooshing and whooshing of the cameras, never makes zero sense. The family in Kill Bill Vol. 2 that she returns to, that she is a part of, is familiar to us.

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