Digging its own hole, the story tries to revisit the same set pieces with a catch that the characters are “new”, unfortunately we are not.

Muschetti’s second and hopefully final swing at this Stephen King’s classic novel is one big homework. The only advantage in the director Andy Muschetti’s corner is that we love this subject. It was a hot topic and will stay a hot topic. Also not to forget, King is the source here, and for someone who hasn’t gone through that heavy, heavy book, the character arcs and the mythology might fascinate the viewers. But if the novel is taken into account then this looks like a shady commercial rip off of something malevolent that is poorly mimicked into a bad joke. If that was the point of applying the CGI make-up then get ready for an entertaining night.

Another thing I’d like to mention is the elaborative nature of the script. It is obsessed on giving time and space to each character resulting it into a long separately sketched horror show that is clearly not worth the scare it wishes to forge; call me old fashioned, but I am one of those who doesn’t believe in scaring people with visual effects, nothing gets me like witty practical jumps.

Now, this also brings out the inadequacies of the assembled pieces that never for a second floats. I stand by it, I still haven’t found the replacement of Steven Soderberg’s smoothness on projecting a multi-starrer not-a-film-but-a-trilogy. The “barbaric” theme pops out every now and then in the film. I mean the grievous behaviour of the film. The cruelty as an excuse for the screams is a good idea. Maybe, even a great one. But it is the irrelevancy in the scene and probably the unfathomable necessity that the makers find to justify the characters’ trauma, is largely off putting that puts it in a trial of questioning of (IT)s existence.

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