A smart thoroughly thought out heist that goes wrong just as it was expected and planned.

The Safdie Brothers are smart chaps. In fact, they are very good at conning you. You’d think that it works well with their throwback genre to those neo-noir film, but it has actually got nothing to do with it. I bet that if they made a rom-com with a similar outline, you will be jolted with the pleasures of euphoric experience. There are plenty of heavy themes that sets it all on fire, but considering the sideline political satire that the films excuses its way out in narrative is incredibly poignant and sharp. For instance, Robert Pattinson is cornered in a situation in a park at night and in order to get out, he uses racial tension among the police to walk out safe and sound.

Now this is how you should actually address an important notice to the society, not to endorse, but frame it as an inseparable purpose of the storytelling. Speaking of Pattinson, his wide eyed sinister-y look captures the essence of the unsustained energy ball wandering or released out in the world by us, is a straight out fascinating pull off, that I will be honest, was not ready for. But we are getting ahead of ourselves, as much as space the film offers to its actors, the film is immensely invested on disenchanting you with its tricks.

Every step of the way, every act, the script is always contradicting their own and your theories of where to go with whatever they have in hand. And is probably why the title Good Time is an amazing achievement. For this is an exhausting experience. In a sense, that by the time they are done with you and the characters, the deliberately tedious job or duty that they fulfill gives you an unnerving relief when it let goes off the tiny materialistic possessions. We have something promising here and also surprisingly satisfying.

Posted by:Arth

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