Borat was definitely 2006 but this one is much before than that, it is good that Sacha has a get out clause in his pocket.

Once again I have to- it’s like a rule or something- mention Sacha Baron Cohen’s name at first. This is not just bold filmmaking. It is just brave. That is all. Simple and clear. But watching these films of Sacha’s has made me realize that these films have a surprising comfort in their language. His signature style is famous for the “out of the box” ideas, that he weaves just for the gasps. But there is a lot to that kick that he gets on earning a simultaneous one reaction as such in a room. He is incredibly witty in that very fabric of his vocab. And he has got quite a range. It looks easy but that’s how good he is.

For instance, take the interview regarding his single parent lifestyle that comes later in the film. Now, it is very easy to go on and offend a group of people. But as Bill Burr puts it so elegantly that the art is to try and offend every single community in just one message. And Sacha is up for that game instantly as you enter his room.

The reason why I liked this project of his more than The Dictator is because it is one of those films that you don’t know where or how it is going to end. And that excitement is something you don’t get in the films nowadays. That excitement is why and how Marvel films manages to keep you at the end of your seat- in your first time watching- as it wraps up the film in locations, stages and images you don’t know it is to lead or end on. Bruno is a lot like Disney’s Dumbo!- stay with me, please- for what he has been running away from or has been considering as his biggest doom, turns out to be the key for his “salvation show”– it’s a Neil Diamond reference.

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