It is not the game and not the rules, it is just that you are not ready for this, you don’t want to be.

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the director and the creator of the film and this incredibly catchy rituals and traditions are gathering crowd like a social media site. And the sad news is that it stays exactly that and never anything more than that. And the hard pill to swallow is that the entire film runs on an incredibly apt metaphor in this political correctness era and yet it never grows beyond that very fabric of its core nature. There just isn’t enough substance to explore. And they had an incredible amount of space to fill in their blanks with straight sharp bullets and instead they are focusing on the humor.

The absurdity of the premise is mocked thoroughly in the film. Which now puts us in a dangerous position. The information revealed to the lead character Grace played by Samara Weaving is something unfathomable. And hence her reaction to that circumstance is and will always be a surprise to us. If she finds it terrifying or maddening or humorisc or any other emotions, we would always be new to it.

Now the only thing comforting in that stage is, if we are convinced to what she is going through. And the performance takes the heat away from it. Resulting into a dry game show for us, that is malleable but is also too loose to stand on its own generic horror elements that it claims to have. Now, going back to the political correctness aspect, what film does nicely is not endorse it and just speak smoothly about the scenario we and the characters are dealing with. And the proof of that is the randomness and the “fate” aspect of the plot that polishes it neatly. Ready Or Not, they are going to play the game and it is going to end up exactly as you’d think it would, not it should.

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