The compactness is missing, ergo the procedure comes off slow, not the pace but the disclosure of the layer.

Turtletaub has a whole different problem to solve at first. It is painful to see him work his way out. Probably because he didn’t dig it up. This is coming from the script. Not to say, he isn’t to be blamed. The director Marc Turtletaub ought to and has to place himself as a bridge, productive, helpful, comforting catalyst simplifying the complex themes attempted to score by the writers. And what makes it more sad is that the actors on the other hand are diving deep in their roles, embodying a troubled personality fluently. Kelly Macdonald as a catholic women is something I don’t get completely but am in sync with what she is announcing without a podium.

Her sweetness, I-am-sorry attitude and easily-influenced personality is what’s essentially grabbing us. Convincing us to stay on the track for when she hits the train and goes rogue, those very behavior darkens the tone in the film. Irrfan Khan is the supporter, her partner and that is what he stays. All the time, all the way. He is the perfect anecdote to the world she has been revolving around.

She states it clearly when she defines him, he is not like anything, anyone she has ever come in contact with. This is where the film gets stuck into another issue. It desperately needs a narrator. The characters often goes irrelevantly loud, guiding us where, what or in which state they are. Unfortunately, the core equation, between Khan and Macdonal, is the very relationship that never spoke to me. You feel skipped, left out and rushed away from making sense. There is very less justification, in the sense that not everything might line up, smoothly. It shouldn’t be this hard for us to believe in the experience that they share, they go through, it shouldn’t be a Puzzle.

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