Scorsese’s film is hauntingly beautiful, there are few scenes that I don’t understand, maybe, I am not ready for it.

Scorsese is a filmmaker that is ready to get his hands dirty. Who else will be a better contender then, than him, to sculpt this street life into a thorough character study. And it is exactly that. You can describe it as an exemplary political satire or the essential whipping of the tiring social conduct that we are daily told to go through. To me, it will always be a good character study. For a guy who spends easily half his day alone, confined within the four walls of my room, I can say I am really impressed by the way how Paul Schrader has explained him (Travis Bickle) on the paper, the director Martin Scorsese has executed him on the screen and Robert De Niro has played him in that room.

You can see the entire cast and crew excited to explore the darker side of the streets, giving it justice to what has led this here. And it is not just the present form of these scenarios that Scorsese wants to focus on. There is a road ahead (the future), De Niro present in the driver’s seat and the mirror (the past) that he gazes upon every now and then.

What I love the most about this film is how spontaneous it is. The second half, the last hour of the film feels like a one big climax ready to roll its credit any minute now. De Niro has no endgame in his mind and he is taking big life changing decisions, every day, leaving us at the brisk of our emotions, teasing us to scream out loud. The actual plot, the so-called evidence of a thread of narration that Taxi Driver offers us as a compensation, is something I don’t even need. The film had won me over far before all the redemption, salvation, sacrifice and nobility theme, the conversation between his fellow drivers is a circle I happily merry-go-round around.

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