Among very few filmmakers, Shyamalan marks his name on succeeding in his very first film.

Shyamalan has a definite language. Like all filmmaker should. But I think his is so particularly specific that he cannot help carve that piece of pie in a slow sensual way. That delicate touch. It is important to him. Important for exploring a sensitive subject as such. Accepting your fate. What you are. And it is something that everyone finds it difficult to go through. And it is also something everyone has to go through. Now the reason why people find the experience difficult or horrifying, if I may, is for the obvious element of surprise. Ergo, the writer and director, M. Night Shyamalan’s debut horror film isn’t just a drama or a horror but also mysterious.

The suspense is exhaustingly intense. You’ll be sweating. And a huge amount of credit goes to the emotion that shadows each characters and the performance that overshadows that very content. And in lead, Haley Joel Osment is the surprise package whose empowering bursts are nuanced and jaw dropping. For instance, when he runs away from the situation or the condition he is trapped in, a kid is to, has to express his fear.

And mixed with his fear, the pseudo effect is him tearing down, sobbing with the expected fear, the awareness of the tragedy he is doomed to live with. Maybe that is why he is the hero of this tale. He has already accepted his fate. He is ahead of other characters. All he is doing, is waiting for them to catch up, along with us, the audience. And is also why he is sensible and mature considering his age. The Sixth Sense has all five senses heightened up for the cinematic experience, awareness, fear, acceptance, medicinal help and communication. A key for a good socially functional family that our protagonist is about to start.

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