I should be worried, all I do, all day, is picture myself being interviewed by Conan and pampered by the audience.

Scorsese has once again got hold of a people pleasing concept. The film endorses itself, comically tragic and famously opinionated, in the sense that the film speaks the inner voice of the common man. And it is a timeless classic. Perhaps this is why, even decades later when Todd Phillips commands the very subject in Joker, the topic feels fresh and is trending like any other hip and happening theme in this post social media era. But what’s to note here, is that the fame has always been this cryptic mythical entity that everyone wishes to crack in a night. The hangover is too heavy to be shaken off by someone or something from the outside.

And this is what the first half of the director Martin Scorsese’s ambitious and controversial project runs on. And it is a very slow and steady procedure that he wants us to go through, almost like a therapy. Even the dream like sequences where Rupert Pupkin played by Robert De Niro assumes only the ideal situation. In those scenarios too, that are actually installed to speak more about the characters and its ideologies, De Niro is repetitively whipped by the dose of reality to see the line differentiating right and wrong.

And his entire character is based on that blurred factor that he is incapable of recognizing. Even in his stand up bits, the one-liners and the stories he mocks is just showcasing the sadistic outward look that he has towards his own life. And that is why we feel empathetic towards The King Of Comedy. For he is self obsessed. He doesn’t account other’s life and hence also doesn’t have a sadistic approach towards their priorities or importance. This thrown penny that is seen in De Niro’s panache is hungrily grabbed by us, it represents that tiny part of our life that we all dream of.

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