These kids are incredibly mature and smart, don’t be fooled by their presence, language, behaviour or their entire vibe.

Stupnitsky is a good sitcom director. You would think that a film that has a script like an hour long special finale of the season, the co-writer and director Gene Stupnitsky would play safe on delivering this content with the promise and expectations he comes with. For, I think his confidence on directing this film is extraordinary. As a proof, you can see all the slow motion shots that he has installed in here. It is natural to take such scenes for granted or find it difficult to pull off, but his decisions doesn’t go waste by, especially because his shots aren’t bloating or exaggerating or celebrating, and instead is just mocking the seriousness and the priorities of these characters.

And that remains to be their sense of humor towards.. well, everything. Their tendency to lean towards unintentional edgy humor whose birth is actually coming from the know-it-all attitude that every student ought to and does breathe in that stage of their life. Now, saying that or showing that isn’t enough. Their definite knowledge or incompetency to grasp the adult social rigmarole is never enough for us to care about them.

And hence every single character is given that kryptonite, no matter how hypothetical, that they collapse within a snap after coming in contact with. We, as an audience, too connect instantly with it. Not because it is a metaphor to something we can dot across the frame, but that very piece of information that they carry. There is no need to dig so deep or read between the lines in that aspect of the narration. For when it comes to ground this celebration into a- might I say shocking- vibrant message, the film holds on to our weakest nerve– or should I say mine– and it is, these Good Boys saying goodbye.

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