Eastwood lacks Spielberg’s emotional punch, I’m glad he is not fighting for it.

Eastwood is the hero. I know I am going against the film. But this is not just about the film. Well, particularly this film. The director, Clint Eastwood honors the “war” like no one. And not just how he decolorizes- actually they are just toned down a bit, the colors- it in his picturization. But also how sensible his approach is. Both sides of perspective are humanized. And this is just those clips, the part where the war is enacted, is what I am talking about. There is this another political unsung not-cold-but-hot war boiled throughout the film as an aftermath to the major event that the film spins around.

And this is how William Broyles Jr. and Paul Haggis, the screenwriters who adapted the storyline from Ron Powers and John Bradley’s books- separate- keeps us engaged in this formal white collar (or uniform, to be precise) compelling drama. For often in such war based films, the audience tends to trail away from a polished non-controversial content. But here the premise cuts across that very issue and the subtlety is bombarded by a viscous glance shared or a cut-throat passed comment or the hostile body language.

Another reason why the drama connects with us instantly, is yes the obvious poignancy of these facts, but also the antics placed specifically by these writers to draw in long lasting teary moments. Almost as if they are going the other way around just for the emotional dosage that Eastwood hands it over with such ease. In terms of performance, John Slattery armed with a complex three dimensional character connected with me the most. His attitude in the Flags Of Our Fathers might be wrong but it is staged in a way that might even remind you of someone you know or a part inside of you.

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