If not for the casual, improved humorous bickering, I wouldn’t have cared.

Muschetti’s adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel does its best on being “how” it wants to be. For the attempts to reach the higher ideal might be missed repetitively but the procedure it follows and the tricks it plays, fails to hide its true side. And those sleazy parlor tricks are actually attention grabbing. Hence, the co-writer and director, Andy Muschetti’s film trends top on the wall of its younger audience. Because this is how it was intended to be. Using safe, scientifically approved(!)- maybe that’s a bit much- and successful methods, they are delivering the anticipated result on the table.

It isn’t informative, innovative or bombastic, as it claims to be. And yes, those standard scenarios are painted all over the pages in King’s book, but those colors are brightened by deep themes exploring single pure emotions of daily lifestyle that gets by unnoticed. Which, by the way, is completely neglected and also negotiated for an easier and lazier theory to reach its larger audience. Muschetti also fails to scare the audience on any levels.

Only few moments, when he catches you off guard, which too comes off utterly cheap in the form of narrative. Let’s take an antic that comes in the middle of the film, where the Losers’ Club enters the haunted house. Now, in that scenario, Bill (Jaeden Martell) and Richie (Finn Wolfhard) are stuck in a room where a poisonous blood is about to reach and bury or poison them. Agreeing to the fact that it is hokum, a bluff, intended to distract the characters, but I cannot help on defining the entire film in that scenario. For that very scene sums up the film for me. Since, knowing what it is, the film still remains lazy. As it never tries to convince the threat to you, to the audience. IT lacked the splashy, speedy, maniacal, maddening camera work that usually breathes life into a horror.

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