A classic love track, sound track, gag reel and simply smart filmmaking.

I think I can go ahead and say that this is my favourite Chaplin feature. I wish I knew why and I don’t either. The writer, director, actor and composer Charlie Chaplin has struck gold in this adventure. The germ of the idea was definitely the change in location and spreading still the same humor, humility and belief. And yet, it remains unfiltered for its sweetness. No matter how accurate and magnanimous your vision is on pulling off a dark gritty drama, it would rarely add to the “I wish..” list for its “beware” and “wit” tingling sensation in you. While this sweet love story like this has legs that goes for decades and even centuries for it catches you with big fluffy pillows as you fall down with gullible likeness in mind.

A bread and an egg, the story starts from and it is where it ends. And yes, I get that some might even find this heartbreaking, but Chaplin’s genius in the last act of the film, was that he satisfies you with such absorbing themes, that by the end you don’t really care how The Circus will finish the show. The product is gift wrapped and delivered to your doors as soon as the last act begins.

The key is to never go beyond anyone’s perspective other than Chaplin’s. And this was all drama. The rest of the fill in, are fabulous gags that looks like Chaplin has installed to test himself as an actor, a performer. From enacting like a robotic puppet to multiplying himself on screen to bossing around his opposing co-star like a mentor. Over the years, the only issue I had was with the do over process of the interview of his job, until I realized this time that those mandatory gags were not actually for the laughs, but a showcase of his commitment on the hard work that he inadvertently cares for.

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