The choreography and the dance was never enough, you can see it yourself.

Chan’s second case may be light on feet- compared to the previous one- but it surely is heavy on humor. Almost as if they were trying to add it religiously. Maybe that’s why I didn’t find this funny at all. But this was never his priority. It takes you awhile to understand that, in fact if you are slow like me, you wouldn’t get it until the final act arrives. Jackie Chan, the writer, director and actor, has a completely different idea in his mind. To be honest it is simple, but it is also not something that one would dare to go towards.

Usually such a sequel collapses by honoring what made the first one brilliant and delivering the formula that worked in this world. Obviously what this leads to is annoying amount of doubling and too much intertextuality; not to say there isn’t any, but that is never considered the base of the act. You cannot let a scene work on just that recall of some great moment. And Chan doesn’t make that mistake for a second here.

In fact, the scenes between him with Maggie Cheung is arguably just that, but it is intentionally accounting those events and deriving a newer, evolving equation between those two. As far as the real case is concerned. The crime is pretty standard and the eye for an eye theory is a delight to watch if not be impressed with. And again, that very zest of surprising you is why the last act saves the day for the film. Not just the way the characters are treated and how everything latter makes sense, but also the maturity of it. Police Story 2 can actually be passed upon for the way it questions the genre “action” especially since it is Chan’s bread and butter.

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