The dinosaur IS good, empathetic and every bit of heroic as it has rights to be; maybe that’s why it doesn’t fit in this era.

Pixar is humanized and humbled by this project. And I love that part. For a production house, that perpetually prints out good quality game changing products, it is good to see them fumble or slow down a bit; am not a sadist. Peter Sohn, the director with his excellent execution skills is cornered by the intention of his very own way of storytelling. A film that surfs so unapologetically from one life event to another, it is extremely difficult to cope up with any of the ongoing incidents occurring in this La La Land that despite of being coloured with so many bright and attractive colors, never appeals to you.

And the primary reason why we don’t settle down on any event or more precisely, act of the film is because you don’t ever really feel these characters present around the environment that we are told so repetitively that they are. And this grows urgently important as the film starts to age. Since for the first half of the film that basically follows a train of textbook montages scraped off from various animated fairy tales that is just retold with an unfunny final punch line that tells you it is a joke and that it is a bad one.

And then when it comes to have their feet running on the ground and accept any surrounding for that matter, the location, set pieces, agendas, priorities and even characters change for us to nod to any of this alternative universe hokum. The idea isn’t everything, it never is. Probably for an endorsement, but even at this day and age we are incredibly passionate about the style and substance. And all of this, the current reality, and all of that, the film and what it revolves around, just proves the unchanging fact and that is not even The Good Dinosaur could survive this; extinction seems inevitable.

Posted by:Arth

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