Lester has broken so many rules by now, that he doesn’t have any ground to stand on, flying doesn’t help in this world.

Lester is a victim of the textbook trilogy syndrome. And when I say syndrome, we’ve had plenty of acclaimed makers fall down this road unwillingly and brutally in this final lap of the race. The director Richard Lester arguably should not be blamed. I mean, I would rather put the Newmans, the writers on the stand. For most of the time, the off-putting characteristic of the film is not the execution of the flim-flam hokum but the very incoherent punches that is told to emerge every now and then as an excuse of a crime world. But none of these crimes are actually sinister, probably because none of them communicates with us, the audience.

Also what’s at stake here is either a formal day to day white collar lawbreaking activity or a misunderstood opportunity seized by someone trying to make it big, none of it actually is a threat that can challenge who arguably is the all mighty powerful in contrast to the very super society of his. Addition to that, the unconventional and irrelevant humor is what tips over this already hanging-by-the-thread film.

I mean it starts with a childish humor where a choreographed physical accidents is supposed to be funny along with anecdotes in the film like old marriage jokes, slapstick humor between irritated colleagues and cheap laughs coming from a lazy worker. Other major thing that film lacks is “logic”. To be honest, the entire series has never seen the face of the base of the physics law, but at least the previous adventures were fun, in big bold capital letters FUN. And this always, always overpowered the limitations of the early installments, but here not only that liberty is taken for granted but is also just not juicy enough for you to eradicate a big priority as such, not for anyone, not even for Superman.

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