A shining proof of Linklater’s brilliance, even something known and outdated feels so fresh.

Linklater’s love for music is something that cannot be beaten. But I think someone is challenging him in this project. In fact, I’d say Jack Black wins this round by a marginal merit. And I know that he is the one in front of us, expressing his love, oozing the pulsating sound of electric guitar and screaming voices of rock gods, so he is ought to have larger section of the rope on his side in this tug of war. But I’d still lean towards him for he himself is a passionate musician and getting the opportunity to hone a character as mad as such, he has embodied the people loving personality with goofiness and spectacular flamboyancy.

The writer Mike White isn’t putting anything new on the paper and neither is the director Richard Linklater. We’ve had plenty of such teacher tutoring the outer zonal students and in this process the teacher itself finds salvation at the end of the song. And it is not that Linklater doesn’t acknowledge that fact, if anything he has brimmed his entire film with such scenarios, the cliched montage sequences, the structure, the detour, the issues, the rat in the house and every beat of the film that you would expect before going on in this genre.

Yet, with nuanced practical humor that borders around the lunacy factor in an upbeating track, you are nodding to all the theories Black proves here as a teacher, “E = mc^2” he concludes his lecture to little kids. There are plenty of long one take shots that leaves us mesmerized especially the first hilarious pitch of Black’s still underproduction song and in fact any of his explanations are just pure joy; it feels like the actor him and not the character him, humming in the School Of Rock.

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