Clooney and Pfeiffer goes hand in hand for a good night’s sleep, the audience meets half way for them.

Hoffman has energy that this script needs and the film lacks. The script by Terrel Seltzer and Ellen Simon is contradicting the premise and the procedure perpetually creating, placing hurdles in front of the sugar coated lead couple of the film to overcome. And they do. And the actors, George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer, has received the love they deserve from all the corners. Their charming chemistry couldn’t go unnoticed. But I want to work on the hard matter on why a film led, carried by these two stars fails and fumbles to make it through even a day. And I’d like to think maybe Michael Hoffman, the director, is adding trouble to an already lazy script. The premise is actually not what goes on the film but how the audience will and should react to the film.

And with an aim of delivering a rainy feel good date movie, the film is beautiful and calm. Something that can easily be seen when any of these characters are left alone on screen or are given a close up shot. But this mellow subject or state of life that these characters are in, is rushed with a sense of urgency and a time bomb ticking behind their minds that creates an unsettling feeling for the viewers to go through.

For a film that basically is on a run for most of the time, Hoffman insists on us to understand the gravitas of the decisions that these characters are making. As a result this mixture of dirty fights and sloppy kisses, never makes sense as you dive deep into their plans. One Fine Day, to be fair, is also cornered majorly by the title and its premise, it feels obliged to go through most of the mundane dull events of their life to reach to the end of the clock it wishes to, the day is longer and the night hopefully left for assumption.

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