Bardem seizes the attention grabbing opportunity like no one.

Coen Brothers’ magic is actually, literally a magic act in here. In every sense, this gritty mirroring drama of the western genre set in the 80s is purposefully and profoundly unfathomable. To be fair, most of the time it seems unfathomable, is because you are not revealed to what has happened or happening in that crime scene. And that’s your exhibit A. This shocking therapy may not be advised but is evidently one of it’s best element, where Coen Brothers are also using the game of thought provoking assumptions along with flabbergasting treats.

Exhibit B. The physical sequences. The awe inspiring aspect of the film is not only a challenge for the writer but also the director. Since not only it has to be an engaging but also crisp clean when it maps and runs on that track. There is very little the film expresses verbally and when it does, the monologues are usually whispering the gist of the action or describing the terror or emotional state of these characters. Now, in order to use these actions creatively and deeply resonating they have to use props, behavior and even the actions as an evolving arc.

And in order to do so effectively and effortlessly- unlike these thoughts of mine about the film that are annoyingly filled with adjectives- they are using these elements with different perspective which leads to our final exhibit C. The props. Juggling with these three key elements and unearthly- or probably the most earthly- mortality wins, Coen Brothers marks their maturity on filmmaking and storytelling skills, especially in contrast to The Fargo who has more levity in its language then this thrilling horror. No Country For Old Men concerns for a common man tangled in an uncalled war, surviving, breathing and dreaming.

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