A compact peek of an on-and-off show that attracts madness and audience.

This is the first outing of Christopher Nolan as a filmmaker and he has decided to follow! The film focuses on an aspiring writer, who as an excuse to get influenced with some material, follows- in layman terms, stalking- people out in the daylight. This goes on only further when he; The Young Man played by Jeremy Theobald meets someone like him named Cobb; it has no resemblance with the Inception, trust me, played by Alex Haw.

Often considered to be the master of non-linear narrative skill, Nolan’s first project has been called out by many a hardcore fan of his, a journey to understand his working procedure. But to be honest, I have felt like he has always been open and expressive in his filmography. For instance, there is no irreplaceable joy in this world to go through Dunkirk knowing that it is HIS film. He accounts that element in the factor, that his fans are aware of his work and they know every beat of this song that he has been playing for ages. And he plays them accordingly, surprising little delights are left as trail to follow his style in every location.

I am more impressed by the editing than any aspect of the filmmaking here. Since, for a film that cuts plenty of shots in one scene, the reaction that Nolan captures between scenes among the characters could easily go loud and cheesy. And instead it feels like a punch pulled in the air. And this is exactly how he stages those steely cold looks and flirty sinister eyes. This nonlinear narration has to and does feed itself on props. And Nolan uses those props to pass out the unsaid information to his viewers giving them the luxury to think that they are ahead of the characters and the game they are in. And then he backstabs you with a different perspective which feels not manipulated or cheated, but justified and earned since he has pampered you all along the road; leading you, not Following.

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