Harper is not serving anything new in the table, but this family recipe is a reaffirmation of the good old days.

Harper is a hardworking common man. Or that’s at least how he crafts his film like. In his defence Nicole Taylor’s script calls for it, but it is not just that. He could have treated the film like a soaring crowd pleasing commercial film that would maybe marginally reach out to a larger scale. The director Tom Harper instead has a mild balanced therapy that he channels to evolve a wild a character as such. And as much as preposterous it may sound, the journey is equally profound. This, often considered to be eerily resembling with the theme of A Star Is Born, is actually quite sober to ever groove on that dance floor.

Not that it cannot or lacks the potential or even opportunity, for a brief period you can see it easily land on that same note. But aforementioned, Taylor’s world is more suburban-y and more importantly satisfied in the world it surrounds itself with. As a result, it focuses on the day to day issues of a common man- in its own way of course- residing in a society juggling the social rigmaroles that everyone tells it to follow dutifully.

And usually, especially in an era that is taken by a storm of coming-of-age genre, the answer would be to break all the bridges and promises to pursue the dream. But what if all of this is a big hallucination, fortunately we have Harper’s version the catches the film’s criticism with fluffy pillows and country music. Julie Walters is holding that side of the argument and with two empathetic entities playing around the house, she warms the stirred drink of Wild Rose played by Jessie Buckley whose transformation in the film as it ages on the screen reminds you of the old style rehab process where the cage is rattled outside, out in the public, in fact, a crowd.

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