The chase scene, the last run, the rush that it gives me, that adrenaline is what drives me to cinema every single time.

Bertolucci’s vision is above most filmmakers. At least in that era. I can imagine him being drooled over by the actors let alone viewers. For his magnetic characters calls for much more attention than his world ever did. And this can easily be pointed out by the way he picturizes his characters, i.e. he mostly uses close-up shots, especially when they are expressing themselves. And if the writer and director Bernardo Bertolucci does focus on the world his characters hover around, he usually portrays it as a map. And as a viewer you are told to find out, look for the faces when he distances you from them.

And this is his genius, this is the part where you and he knows that his story is getting in your head, his characters are taking charge over you. And who else will be a better contender to invest your chips on then Marlon Brando who at that prime stage was the hottest, reliable ticket to tear up on screen. The expectations that he comes up with is exceeded by just the way, as an individual entity, in this romantic drama, he is painted, it is simply brilliant.

And I am not just saying that being his fan or the power he is given in his hand or the mystery that shadows him throughout the film, it is actually the way his character is romanticized. The dark drunken aspect of his love track is what impresses and inspires me the most. And it is not this his love is grounded or barred within a particular character, no matter who he shares his screen with, he remains a powerful imbalanced force and if he is not, he just leaves the room. Last Tango In Paris has the best dance in the film, it is between a cat and a mouse.

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