Surf whatever channel you wish to, the day you see this film you are going to hear only one news.

Winterbottom has a daunting task, to make an unfathomable true case into a compelling drama. And the primary reason why it doesn’t speak to the larger audience, is that it focuses on the aspects of the world that people often tend to ignore. Addition to that, as an excuse for drama, it is obliged to and does focuses on the reminiscing emotions along with guilt, unknown terror and lack of opportunity. And packed hastily with these horrifying elements the adapted screenplay of John Orloff from a book by Mariane Pearl, threads this sobering journey with formal paperwork and vital social rigmarole that it has cornered itself to go through.

The director Michael Winterbottom against these many odds is still delivering a gritty political drama that befriends the humanitarian nature in the workplace. And that very brief period, that comes late in the film remains my favorite part and the gist of the film. Despite being dipped in a series of pathos information revealed subsequently, the troops in the middle of this cold war manages to find some quality time to share and endear. A film of such rigid posture and it feels good to see it dance absentminded; a slow dance but I’ll take anything.

And supporting cast is a major boost in this film. There are plenty of guest appearances in here and each of them casts quite an impression on us and Angelina Jolie in lead. Her part, to be fair, is difficult to portray. Consistently and entirely covering the film with a reserved depressed emotional ride, Jolie gets very few moments to fully exaggerate and express her emotions. A Mighty Heart has a big upbeating and surprisingly even optimistic heart, but all of that remains to be the aftermath that is to and does come after the storm leaves the sea.

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