Cameron’s not looking for that shocking moment of catching-you-by-surprise, he’d rather cook you with the 20 seconds of anticipation of the known fear.

Cameron is born for the sci-fi genre and he doesn’t take this talent and aspiration for granted. As a result, what he has pulled off in here is almost impossible, living up to the expectation of an already cultural phenomenon, and for me, it exceeds the previous venture by Ridley Scott. And I only feel that it exceeds the expectations, is because it is incredibly difficult for the writer and director James Cameron to fill in on already infomercial pamphlet. And if you look at it properly, actually there is nothing new that he brings out plot wise in this chapter, it is another same adventure, they name it so unenthusiastically.

But it is the hypnotizing procedure of Cameron and self-realization of what it is. He is addressing the absurdity of the plot by not mocking it but acknowledging it seriously. And after the guns are loaded, premise set, his manipulation as a visual storyteller is extremely inspiring. Take the set pieces for instance. He has already painted these missions like some war invasion and with it he has drawn out the obligation over necessary elements.

Literally, unloading those responsibilities on his characters, he is stretching the claustrophobic and exhausting aspect of the job by confiding them in tiny set pieces. Most of the time, the set pieces are really small or are either have multiple characters roaming about, giving them less room to full flex their muscles and fight at their will. And even if he puts them on big pieces, he is focusing on their close up, where they are sweating and worn out by this whole fiasco. Mind you, Cameron hasn’t even touched the fictional part of his storyline and you are already vulnerable. Aliens remains a classic, for no one after this focused on the day to day issues that human behavior exerts on each other; which is more horrifying than anything.

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