Pixar is on a strike, would be understanding things they have never seen a fall remains the truth.

Pixar is covering another part of the world as an excuse of educating and entertaining the children whose pseudo effect is serving a compelling drama for adults. Or at least that’s what it feels like. And this is their genius. Replacing the throne of Disney in this current generation, Pixar is actually has smart filmmakers and storytellers in its pocket. And carrying out the similar formulas used back in the old days in the name of fairy tales, the banner has pressed plenty of adorable animal friendly anecdotes to woo the younger audience in. And with baffling premises and witty strategies, they have stayed toe to toe with the social and filmmaking changes.

As in they have matured wisely for the hip and happening culture that they have wished to be a part of. Checking off another territory, this time the writer and director John Lasseter is focusing on a smaller and hard working kingdom. Ergo emerges his lead character, contradicting the nature and the world he revolves around, his laziness is smart and curiosity efficiently effective.

But as most of the game changers goes through, he is bogged down by the slow minded wrong doers and fear lovers and is cornered to go through a journey of rethinking and evaluation. But this is why I love these Pixar movies the most, even at its peak of necessary dramatic elements, they tend to carve a big piece of levity in the narration that is always attention grabbing and easily nuanced. But this goes unnoticed, usually because they are not afraid of using new almost-guest-alike characters introduced and surfed every now and then for a quality situational comedy and not just one liners. In A Bug’s Life the most fascinating and thrilling scenario is their version of a city life, such metaphors come easy and a lot in this wonderful inspirational tale.

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