If Tarantino is in the driver’s seat, all his stunts are safe, might be vanilla, might be amateur, but safe.

Tarantino’s classic throwback to revenge based action crime looks like is influenced mostly by his creative partner Robert Rodriguez in here. This B grade alike framed film remains simpleton in contrast to the writer and director Quentin Tarantino’s other projects. And there are plenty of issues in here. And along with it, multiple number of similarities to his films itself. But that can be considered as his signature remark. What the real issue is the wafer thin substance that it HAS to feed on. And this obligation is something Tarantino cannot overcome. Similar to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, the structure is split into two parts or two cases, to be more precise.

And he has to go through them as the “part of the journey” calls him to follow the rules step by step. As far as style is concerned in the film, Tarantino debates like no one else. You’d have to nod along to his theories. And by now I thought his arguments were based on facts, humor, one-liners and philosophical debates. But it clearly isn’t the case, he places his elements smoothly in narration, so that by the time it comes for him to zap us with the ultimate fan drooling climactic scenes, the adrenaline just floods in naturally.

Another major improvement is how he projects Kurt Russell as a threat in the middle of the film where the color fades away and Tarantino tries to whisper something magical to us. Another unbeatable armor of his is the ability to write intriguing and light conversations on screen but in here, I am sorry, I didn’t buy in any of the anecdotes despite some really good incidents shared by him. Death Proof is a proof that Tarantino can spice up any lofty genre with grounding conditions, no matter on what scale.

Posted by:Arth

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