It is dry, often irrational and overly exagerrated venture of not-so-social beings.

Stone’s latest project is over-the-top exaggeration of criminal psychology and saying that would still be understating things. But this concept that came from Quentin Tarantino and direction from Oliver Stone doesn’t particularly focus on the violence. And even when it does, that is not what aches us to go through as a viewer. What annoys and repels us in this world is the fakeness of it. The aftermath is focused, in fact, deliberately glorified as an excuse for an analyzation of the behavior of the other side of the society. And these two mixture is an abhorring violence to our eyes. That is how the film can be considered as a violent one.

First the surrounding and the side effects of these people and their deeds is what pushes us from investing in these characters. They are not likeable, sure. They are interesting, of course. But there is no poetry or romance on how they are treated. And if we don’t have any reason to hold on to the loose thread, we might as well switch the news of this crime scene to another channel. Plus, the avant-garde and unsettling editing that Stone claims to be a stylish presentation adds more troubles to the film.

Second, is the fakeness of it. From the accent to the dogmatic characters and the on paper content that fails to make it to the screen with equal convincing. The third is the humor. To lighten the mood- or so they think- they are going out of their way of installing these characters and their satirical situations on various gags to fulfill both the entertainment and political message aspect of the plotline. But these Natural Born Killers are far more pathological to own any of these intentions completely on screen; it is basically a big mess.

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