It is the mythology passed on like heritage along with few other sinister behaviours that cradles you into this nightmare.

Swanson lives for the pleasures of the horror genre and his splashy attitude towards it, will make the fans drool all over it. In times, where political correctness and gender equality is forced by the makers for approvals, this is more honest and humbling journey to go through. This nuanced short film never preaches for women to take charge and instead states it as a part of narrative. The film uses color and pace of the camera to express the state and environment that surrounds these characters. The background score adds a spooky vibe with Mia Zanotti humming that plays as an enchanting introduction to this world.

There are scenes specifically set to serve the metaphorical purpose which with a whisk of wild cinematography and editing creates the ambiguity that keeps you at the brisk of your seat. A fine example of it, is a pivotal scene that takes place in the funeral. You are bound to be hooked with its mythological approach which I think is the best asset of the film. The writer and director Don Swanson isn’t afraid on speaking the subtextual material by adding new characters in this dysfunctional family.

His world is perpetually pushing the boundary as soon as the finiteness is broken by revealing information, and this remains the double edged sword that he cannot help himself from. This step by step breaking and widening of the terror gives you an exhilarating dose periodically but then also poses the question “What now?” in capitals. And this is why this short film has to and does work as the first act of a forthcoming film. Occurrence At Mills Creek is a potential film that carries the kinetic momentum through the promising performance of the cast that I cannot wait to see it in its entirety on a large screen.

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