What a mindless game, oh, also the film is a lot like the competition.

Rodriguez is a mystery to me. Something I can’t solve. Particularly, his definition of style. I do not understand this part of narrative. At all. The director Robert Rodriguez persists on applying makeup to every frame of the film. Every scene is beautified to be adored on large screen but then he also craves for the harrowing images that apparently is to express the other side of this world. This mixture of alluring and disturbing images should have attended the perfect balance. And yet, it breathes sad air, poignancy, irreplaceable and annoyingly unsettling is the feeling you are left with. Addition to that, loud and cheesy background score, poor editing, amateur camera work and chalky conversation gives away the film within its first five minutes.

A film that then, runs on formulaic structure that was found to be outdated ten years ago, is just a cherry on top. The crown is snatched from Godzilla: The King Of Monsters, that was considered to be the worst investment of the year. The action is more obsessed on painting the frame, in fact any physical sequence for that matter, the makers are persuasive on coloring the film with crowd pleasing color rather than work on the choreography or the momentum behind those empty punches.

The vfx that everyone is drooling about, is yes, admirable but still not highly detailed or perpetually convincing, simply put it this way, I have seen better, polished and much smoother, than in this so called futuristic world. Each character is given an introduction individually, a smart move if you have somewhere deep to go, they are as thin as wafer and transparent as water. In fact, the only way you see someone surprise you, is Christoph Waltz, who through his performance sculpts a resonant message as he fixes Rosa Salazar’s- aka Alita: Battle Angel- suit before she enters the competition.

Posted by:Arth

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