Stiller shouldn’t have worried about the viewers, the character gets unchecked, more importantly Carrey isn’t directed.

Stiller has good intentions. He treats his lead as a comic book hero. Unfortunately, he forgets to craft the world in a fantasy land. Now, the director Ben Stiller intends it to be in contrast to each other, the character and the world that doesn’t accept or eyes him. This was his window for the laughs. And that is where even the script cheats him. There is this obsession of grounding these characters in a more pragmatic way. Which creates the ultimate tug of war that leaves the film hanging in the air empty handed.

The other issue is how much time is spent upon building up the antics and the moments that drives those antics. A lot of cinematography too is directed towards the punch line of a joke. The scenarios are set separately for them, like waiting for Jim Carrey’s reaction or the procedure of working hard on something that is about to be mutilated by someone else, the film thrives for such elements and as a result adds up extra irrelevant ten minutes on screen. So why is this that the film has aged well culturally?

First of all, it deals with the social rigmarole that everyone goes through. And something that we all can connect instantly especially the track it follows, not only is it catchy but the film grows how it was promised to be. And center of this affection is led by Carrey’s eccentric performance. He embodies the character so gleefully that it is almost as if he has been waiting to play a kooky personality as such his whole life. To be frank, it is a juicy role. Any character would love to play The Cable Guy, he has got a wide range that marginally hovers around being funny and wrong, there is a fine line to walk here.

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