The big question is, whether all of this was worth it? It’s a big, yes. Anything for Woody. Infinity and beyond.

Cooley understands the kinetic momentum of these Pixar productions. And Pixar might as well be like The Beatles, right now. Incredibly careful and sensitive about their releases. So it goes without saying that the film is ambitious and well funded and well casted. Yet, I find myself reserved giving everything to the film like I did to earlier ones. The director, Josh Cooley assembles the pieces as they used to be and has done a marvellous job regarding so. Addition to that, the equations that they are digging for, is something we all already have been wounded with, just a little scratch and tears come rolling out.

Another success is how nuanced the political correctness and the metaphors regarding the current political conditions are. The conversation between Woody (Tom Hanks) and Forky (Tony Hale) while walking on a road (trip) is easily the best part of the film. The humor is balanced perfectly, especially when a new character is introduced in this hefty mayhem. Key and Peele are bromance-ing out amazingly, they have got some of the best scenes in their pocket. So what’s left, why is it so far away from us.

We don’t mind the similar structure of the storyline- in fact in this one, the entire last act is quite intense- or the usual formula where or how characters overcome their issues. The primary reason why it doesn’t welcome us is because there is no profound revelation in this film, that is going to leave you wiser after the curtain drops. And maybe still we could let that go, but unlike the previous installments this is also immensely effortful. You can see the pressure on the screen as they narrate the Toy Story 4, it is good that they were, but even Duke Caboom (Keanu Reeves) couldn’t perform under pressure- that actually is the meta character who goes through similar issues like the makers, irony, that they forgot to solve their own.

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