Chazelle is an excellent director, even better than he is a writer, check this one, for example.

Chazelle is a musician. That’s a known fact but he is a true fanatic. Now the difference is, that he craves for the chills that he gets when he listens to his favorite records. Now, Damien Chazelle is also a writer and director. And this is where everything works out perfectly. His communication skills are off the charts. What he feels, is passed on to you like heritage, leaving you moved in the seat. Emotionally broken and sensitively tender, a coming of age genre is presented here and Chazelle’s circle is so pure and passionate, that I don’t remember listening to a bad word in this film. If you want to see an execution living up to the expectations of the script. There is a shot between just a boy and a girl gazing at each other in a train.

The camera work is intimate with close ups and sharp editing that builds up the affection or attraction step by step. It’s quite a productive method, if you think about it, the way he writes. A smart move. He first and foremost, figures out the core reason of that scene’s contribution in the narration and it being at that place on the trajectory line. And then deliberately blocks his characters from moving towards it but creating bizarrely genius scenarios, making them earn that piece of note.

For instance tale the shower scene. Both the lead characters wishes to be away from each other at that moment, but circumstances are pushing them against their will. They are not happy with the decisions. And to top it off, the metaphor too works in his favour. The musical sequences are meant to be more practical than cinematic, almost as if this was non La La Land. Chazelle’s Guy And Madeline On A Park Bench is his first, it is dear to him, he shares it with us, and so it is to us.

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