An admirable attempt but after these many snippets all I could hope for is, they stay in the bar.

Nick Hornby (the creator) and Stephen Frears (the director) has a good equation in this project; certainly better than the characters they are working on. But this art house project, almost looks like, came from that tingling sensation of “What If” bar chat. Hence, the publicity is naturally oozed from the virginity of it, in the market. But how much can this fascination last? And don’t get me wrong, the work put up on creating this scenario is marvellous. Yet, I find myself struggling to tap to its rhythm. The series has to and does come with a baggage.

Fortunately not the emptiness In your mind regarding the length of each chapter. But the urge to inform the viewers within a short period that ought to be uncomfortable to swallow since the conversation perpetually tries to be practical- which is just like any free bird that tries to fly away from the arena it is supposed to hover around- but then is also obliged to or anchored down by the pace of the storytelling advancing along with character’s development. In fact the series is staged in a way to be repetitive.

And like some Shakespearean play it expresses its uncalled views to its characters; but actually it’s the viewers they are aiming towards. It makes you feel a lot that having a narrator would have been a lot better. It doesn’t have the room to derail or flaunt like say for instance, Before Trilogy did. The “Snack” of the web series, as they are calling it- can’t afford on pretending to be a healthy meal. Rosamund Pike is the reserved one which takes time to cope up with since “Gone Girl”, you’ll find yourself all the way waiting for her to snap. And Chris O’Dowd is goofy just as same, think how would the State Of The Union be where policies are written by them, quirky yet homely.

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